Join us on June 23 at 2 PM CST, as JK Academy welcomes JK Light to host the first JK Light focused webinar. Listen in as JK Light discusses hot topics like – What do your lamps cost you per session? What effects your lamp life? Why buy lotions from JK Light?

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Lynetta Pilkinton

JK Light Sales Manager

Lynetta Pilkinton is the US Lotion and Lamp Manager for JK Products and Services. She been with JK since 2003 and carries a wealth of knowledge about the industry and prides herself on her exceptional customer service.

Hope Tyler

JK Light Sales Representative

Hope Tyler is the US Lotion and Lamp Account Manager for JK Products and Services. She has a Bachelor of Science from University of Arkansas. Hope has over 10 years of sales experience and has been with JK for 2 years.

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